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Julia Barnes

One problem facing smaller businesses is that those who set them up do so because they are good at what they do.

As Business Consultants we always advise clients to stick at what they are good at – which is why they went into business in the first place!

To find a reliable Accountant is as essential as finding reliable raw materials, transport or any other business need – and that applies even more so these days when late payment or confusions may lead to a drain on profits – fines!

It occurs to us we must be among the longest serving of Tim and Ian’s clients. We have been pleased to watch their business grow while not being allowed to feel we were any less important than the first day we went to them.

To have GCSD Accountants Limited look after us is to let them take a great deal of worry off our shoulders and let us concentrate on our work – currently advising on the way to make “CARE” work in this country.

The truth is that no-one wants an Accountant but Tim and Ian look after of us very well and will not be getting rid of us.

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